Anthony was born in Manchester, England and spent the first 21 years of this life living la vida loca in a small town just to the north, called Rochdale. Having seen the movie ‘Top Gun’, up until the age of 18, he had set his sights on becoming a fighter pilot, and struck it lucky when he was awarded a scholarship from the Royal Air Force. This included basic pilot training and he was awarded his pilot’s license at the age of 17, three weeks after getting his driving license. However, the lure of show business became too strong and at 21, Anthony packed his bags and left his family home in search of fame and fortune in London.

20 years later he’s still searching, although in that time he has had the occasional brush with fame (if you count waving in the background of a news report). Over those years, he has also found a fascination of being on the other side of the camera as you may have seen from this site.

At age 25, luck was once again on his side, when a chance meeting while on vacation in Florida ended in him becoming the Cruise Director for the launch of Disney Cruise Line. After 18 months of having to share a cabin with 2 mice, 2 chipmunks, a dog a duck and a pirate, he returned to London, to continue his search for fame and fortune.

This time, due to a global shortage of perma-tanned TV hosts who can talk about porcelain dolphins and simulated diamond jewellery, he managed to get a job in shopping television. QVC was just his cup of tea for 10 years, until the beginning of 2011 when he started to get itchy feet again. The creams didn’t work, so once again he packed his bags and returned to the high seas.

After Cruise Directing for about 18 months, word quickly travelled about his ability to dance like someones dad and so he was offered the job of bringing ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to Holland America Line. The project launched in February 2013 with great success.

Anthony then planned on retiring to a tropical island and spending his days sipping Pina Coladas and writing his memoirs, however he quickly realized that due to his love of fast cars and first class travel, he couldn’t afford to…. so due to Americas love for fancy titles, you can now call him Mr Vice President. Of Broadcast Operations. For the PPI Group. In Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Not wanting to settle for just one job, television again came calling and he’s now a crafty devil, having become part of the presenting team of the new ‘Craft Channel’ in the UK. Being based in Florida, the commute is certainly a challenge but he enjoys bringing out his inner Simon Cowell (albeit without the private jet).

Thank you and goodnight.