From ABC’s perspective, I was extremely impressed with the comprehensive program Mr. Heywood put together.

Mr. Heywood has a unique skill set of being able to not only host, but produce entertainment programs with a view to generating revenue. He delivered results with this world renowned brand enough to justify Holland America Line signing for a second year with Dancing with the Stars, a financial commitment running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Janice Varney-Hamlin, Director of Franchise Management
Disney ABC Television Group



Mr. Heywood was a great success for us, generating estimated customer revenues in excess of £250m.

Mr. Heywood demonstrated a rare ability in front of camera with a very engaging style which was a great hit with our viewers. He was always one of our most popular presenters.

Brian Farrelly, Director of Media Operations



I personally hired Mr. Heywood to host a 2 week long series of training sessions for Procter & Gamble, just one of our many blue chip clients.

He was the perfect choice, due to his skills not just as a host, but also how getting across a clear and concise message can have a dramatic impact on generating revenue.

During a very short rehearsal period he was able to help craft the script to really maximize the effectiveness of the message in the short time that the clients would have in the P&G training sessions.  Out of all of the hosts we have hired over the years as a leading full service conference and event management company, Mr. Heywood is right there at the top.

Dianne Maginnis, Chief Executive
Global Conference Management



What makes Mr. Heywood stand out is his ability to be able to find the perfect balance between providing engaging entertainment and generating revenue.

His hosting abilities are also exceptional and he is a genuinely charismatic host on stage and screen.

Marco Van Bellegham, Hotel Director
Holland America Line


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We were impressed not only by Mr. Heywood’s superb presentation skills but also his sharp commercial awareness and brand awareness, a combination of skills which is rare to find in on screen talent.

He is someone who supports the team around him comprehensively due to his understanding of the full production process.

Paul Tremain, Director of Programmes



In front of the camera he has an excellent presence that appeals to an international market. With his broad range of presenting skills we have used him to emcee for numerous stadium shows. This has included the Disney Awards at Wembley Arena to a sell out crowd of 12,000 people and our annual Route of Kings shows in London’s Hyde Park with an audience capacity of 17,500 per night.

His employment in critical positions with such distinguished companies is a testament to his extraordinary talent.

Daniel Scott, Promoter
3A Entertainment Ltd



With his production experience and on camera style he was hired within a week of sending out his demo reel. This is almost unheard of in this industry where tapes can go unseen for months.

I have followed Mr. Heywood’s career with great interest and it’s with great pride I have seen him become one of the leading hosts in the business.

Sheridan Simove, TV Producer / Commissioning Editor