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Short but Sweet

I was driving from LA to Vegas and instead of taking the usual direct I-15 route I took a slight detour through Mojave National Park…. Totally unplanned and no real time to shoot but I did manage a couple of snaps.

The Joy of Nature

People often ask me why I spend so much of my free time in America…..and the answer is right here… because of places like these. To the the national parks of the US offer the most incredible variety of landscapes to enjoy. From mountains to valleys, forests to¬†deserts. On this particular road trip I managed to briefly visit 4. Zion then Bryce, followed by Canyonlands, Arches and then finally a stop in Monument Valley, which is a Navajo equivalent of a NPS National Park.

It was a trip that saw incredible highs with beautiful scenery and desperate lows as I went off road and came frighteningly close to getting stuck miles from anywhere. i was only on the road for about a week and there was far too much to see to to really do it properly Рbut it has well and truly whet my appetite and I shall be back another day.

Alaskan Adventures

A selection of photographs taken during the summers of 2011 and 2012, while I was working for Holland America Cruise Line. South East Alaska is a staggeringly beautiful place which vast array of differing landscapes. From the warm cosy feel of some of the lodges to the stark raw vistas of places like Resurrection Bay, there is just so much to experience.